Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Planning Ahead

I was listening to Jesus Radio tonight, and the family segment was on the topic of phone calls during dinner. Long story short, the lady said that eating dinner as a family around the table is the most important time of day. As such, any interuptions take away from the family time. She described how annoying it is for the phone to ring while eating. Then she suggested that you never answer the phone during dinner, except if you were expecting an emergency phone call.

So let this be your warning. If you're planning on having an emergency during dinner time, I now require 24 hour notice of said emergency so I know whether I can pick up the phone or not.

And on this topic, I'd be remiss not to point out that growing up, we only ate about 1 meal as a family a month. And I think we all turned out decidedly functional. Actually, I think dinner time is a bad idea because all the togetherness just provides more opportunity for the kids to bicker with one another or gripe about the food. So save yourselves the trouble and saddle up with a microwave meal in front of the TV and keep the dining table for more important matters (such as clothing and book storage like I do.)