Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Eventful times.

So I've been a little lax on posting lately. What with the perfect baby and the perfect wedding over the weekend, there was little time for anything else. In fact, I'm only here for a few minutes before I go back to see my favorite niece.

And speaking of which, we were there visiting on Sunday when the most exciting thing in town happened. A man had overdosed on his medications and the sheriffs were chasing him through the woods behind my sister's house. We knew this because my brother in law has an emergency services radio since he's a fire fighter and we were following the play by play. (He was actually supposed to be out there helping, but my sister called him when he left to go help and expressed a few choice words about how he needed to get back to the house immediately.) But anyway, they had the helicopter out spotlighting the area, and when they came on to say they had him in the light, I looked out the patio doors and the helicopter was practically in my sister's back yard. Exciting stuff to watch from your house I must say.