Monday, October 11, 2004

Hog Wild

The title of this post corresponds to the day at church we had yesterday. We had celebration that included hay rides, carnival games, and ham and beans. And of course, the kiss a pig contest, and the catch a pig contest. Both of which probably violated some PETA regulations.

It was cute to watch the kids chase a pig around the arena. The preschool and elementary kids had a pig that was about the size of Babe, and they got progressively older as the competitors got older. And they had "greased" them down with soap, so it was added fun.

Then they had a competition to raise money to see who should kiss a pig. Going into the night, my dad (church administrator) was leading the competition. But the choir director got a late surge and then ended up "winning". So she had to kiss it. And then they still allowed people to donate money and designate for someone to kiss it, so my dad ended up having to follow suit. But again, it was a baby one, with a feather collar on, so it wasn't like it had just come from the trough.

But I must say, this all was a bit crazy even for the Jesus Town. At one point, I turn to my sister and we just look around us at the getup in church parking lot and wonder what it must have been like to grow up somewhere where pig chasing wasn't even a possible occurrence.