Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Speelling Bea

This past Sunday, my family participated in a Walk for ALS. Some of you may remember that my uncle passed away from this disease in March. We have participated in this walk since my uncle was diagnosed 2 years ago, and this was our 3rd walk.

Well we wore our group shirts that we made for our first walk. The shirt had big red letters that spelled out our team name. Our team name was "Crusin' with Hughes" and we consisted of my family (3 teachers), my uncle's coworkers (teachers) and my aunt's coworkers (teachers). For those of you English speakers, read our team name again.

That's right kiddies. I spent 3 years walking around with 3 inch block letters that misspelled the word 'cruising'. And to top it off, we only found out about it after a 7 year old walked by me and I overheard her tell her mom that our team didn't know how to spell our own team name. I looked at my dad's shirt, and realized she was right, and then proceeded to blame each and every one of the teachers on our team for not catching it.

I'm a law student. I'm not expected to know how to spell.