Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Class Act

I caught the People Magazine spread of the Britney Spears/Federline wedding and received further proof that money can't buy you class. I believe that celebrities are entitled to somewhat of a private life. That said, if I, as a common citizen, ever did something as skanktastic as performing a pole dance at my wedding reception for my "pimpsuit" clad husband and similarly clothed wedding guests, I would hope my friends would have the decency to ridicule me in public.

The photo spread included an insert of the groom talking about how in love he is. The accompanying picture shows him putting on a rare watch worth hundreds of thousands of dollars while wearing at least one 2-3 carat diamond stud earring. If love is blind, it's only because Britney can't see him for all the glare coming from the jewelry she's bought him. Ironic that he was the one wearing a suit with "pimp" on the back when everyone knows she's the one funding this operation.

Anyone else think Britney's only 1 divorce and an invalid prenup away from losing her fortune and being the next guest on the Springer show?