Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I've got you under my skin.

Ok, I'm warning you, do not read this post if you are at all squeamish, or especially if you're eating at the moment. It's especially disgusting, and since someone just told me, I felt the urge to share.

My brother's cat developed a lump on his back the past few days. I looked at it and could find a puncture wound that had scabbed over. My mom and my brother believed that one of the cats had bitten him and it had swelled or gotten infected. I convinced my brother to take the cat to the vet today, and he found out it wasn't a cat bite. Apparently the cat had been bitten by either a fly or a spider, and said insect laid it's eggs under his skin, and when it hatched, it crawled out leaving a hole, which got infected. (I actually think I saw this once in a movie, only the spider had done it on some girls cheek and the sac burst and she had all sorts of little spiders crawling all over her face. Scarred me for life.) The lump was the size of a golf ball, and was essentially a boil which barely made it to the vet's office before it burst. But the vet apparently has cleaned it out, and the cat is on antibiotics to control the infection.

My mom, who grew up on a farm, had heard about this in cows and pigs, but had never actually seen it in real life. I find myself disgusted and hoping I never see anything like it again.