Friday, November 05, 2004

Incredibly Bad

My mom and I went to see The Incredibles tonight. And boy was I disappointed. Firstly, you should never go see an animated film on opening night at a time that is prime for parents to bring their kids for a showing. And secondly, I never knew Pixar could create something so dull and boring. I was hoping for another version of Toy Story or Bug's Life, and was sorely disappointed. The movie runs entirely too long and has a plot that was bland and not worth wasting the ink. Even the Pixar short that they do before the movie was pointless.

Yet apparently someone finds this movie worthwhile. The critics are raving and my brother saw a showing earlier today and liked it. But he's a cartoon fan. I never was one to be into cartoons and maybe that was my problem. My mom apologized on the way out for making me spend my money on it. Then she commented that the 2 kids that sat in front of us were so well behaved. It was only after I pointed out to her that it was because they were asleep that we realized the true extent of our wasted money.