Sunday, January 16, 2005

I want my Sunday afternoons back.

And I think the Colts offensive coordinator owes me that much. After watching a team successfully plow through the regular season, I was treated, once again, to a team that looked like today was their first time playing together. I'm sick of them saying "we're not going to change the way we play" and then doing just that. Today's offense was not the offense that played during the season. Did they leave the passing game back on their practice field? Yes, I realize at the moment I typify the fair weather fan, but let's just say they've always been referred to as the Dolts in our household.

I'm starting to buy into the theory that our receivers are soft and that Peyton can't handle the pressure. When it happens time after time, you can't keep using the same excuses. In an interview after the game, Peyton said something along the lines of "maybe next year will be our year." Funny, he said the same thing last year. Perhaps they just replayed his press conferences from a year ago. Same game, same end.

It's beginning to look like the only way the Colts will ever make a Superbowl appearance is if they get home field advantage all through the playoffs, or someone else beats the Pats. Cause they just ain't getting it done. Now, next fall, I'll sit back in front of my TV and hope for another record setting year, but right now, I'm just bitter. It's sad to watch a team that you know can excel go out there and crumble.