Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Glutton Bowl

Flipping through the channels on New Year's Eve, we found that the bowl season had truly began. In fact, we found a bowl we had never even heard of; the Glutton Bowl. Competition consisted of 6 men (or women) in each heat lining up and seeing who could eat the most of some food in the alloted time. One guy ate 38 hard boiled eggs, another ate 8 sticks of butter, and someone else dined on 8 pounds of mayonaise. After the heats, they held a wild card round where the runner's up competed for a spot in the final. The food of choice was rocky mountain oysters. And what bowl final would be complete without cow brains. The ultimate winner ended up being the world hot dog eating champ, and he ate somewhere in the neighborhood of 54 cow brains in the span of 30 minutes. What a champ.

My cousin has declared that this is a must event for every New Year's Eve from now on. Though I'm not certain I could stomach another one. At certain points the competitors had 3 inches of snot hanging out of their noses and were wearing as much food on their clothing as they were consuming. It almost spoiled our own gluttonous evening consuming every snack food known to man.