Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Bye Bye Baby

My brother, aka the baby of the family, officially moved out today. While this wasn't his first moving out (he did live away for 2 years of college), it was a more permanent move. The parents seem to be handling the difficult transition period well, but I believe this is mostly derivative of their belief that he'll probably be back. He moved to a rural town about 2 hours from here to live with a friend and hopefully become a police officer there. He's endured the whole interview process, but my feeling is that he's not going to land a job over rural town natives, and alas will be stuck cooking at a pizza restaurant to make money. But he's reached his ultimate goal of moving away from the family and graduating college. I guess to each his own.

On the plus side, I'm left holding down the Jesus House on my own. I don't have to fight him for internet time, and he was forced to clean the upstairs bathroom (which incidentally was mine but I could never use for all his filth). I now don't have to trek downstairs for my nightly 3 a.m. bathroom appointment. Thank heavens for small blessings.