Thursday, February 03, 2005


My sister gave me an Old Navy gift certificate for Christmas. Christmas of last year, that is. And after Kelly talked about her success there yesterday, I decided that maybe it was time for me to cash in.

I dropped by the store on the way home from class and checked out a few things. Now after spending many a night catching reruns of 'What Not to Wear', I've been in the market for jackets to mix up the wardrobe. And to my excitement, they had this pink number on sale for $23 (down from $50). Quite a steal. And it fit so well when I tried it on, I decided that maybe I should grab another one. They had one in khaki that I loved, but the only one was dressed on a model. I took a peek, noticed it was in my size, and tracked down a store clerk and asked if I could disrobe said model. She approved, and I am now the proud owner of the last khaki blazer.

But it doesn't end there. I tend to hate shopping, but once I jump off of the merchandise bridge, there's no going back. I stood for 10 minutes pondering whether to make it a complete trio with the black one. I decided against it, purchased my items, and left.

I then drove out the drive, decided I'd be kicking myself tomorrow that I didn't end up getting the black one, circled around the Target, PetSmart, and Kohls, and pulled back up to Old Navy. The store was closing in 15 minutes, so I dashed in, grabbed the black one, and tried to explain to the cashier why I was making my second shopping trip in 8 minutes.

I actually made it out of the parking lot the next time, and made the long trek home with my 3 blazers for under $75. Quite the perfect shopping day. And now that I've confessed this, if you see me wearing one in the near future, try to pretend that you don't know that I have 2 more hanging in the closet at home.