Thursday, January 20, 2005

I spy the Creepy Guy

Went to return some books at the bookstore and had an intereting encounter. I was passed by an older, bearded man in the parking lot and he said "hello." Being the friendly gal that I am, I said hello back. And he promptly turned around and started following me. He followed me all the way up to the store, and then stood outside with his face pressed to the window staring in.

He was starting to creep out the customers in line ahead of me, and they mentioned it to the cashier. Another worked came in and informed us that there were 2 police officers now surrounding creepy guy in the parking lot. The one cashier said that he'd been hanging around asking people for money. Normal.

But she said that he came into the store after they were closed the other day and when she asked if she could help him he said "Yeah, I'd like to be locked in here after hours with you." Creepy.

When I left to return to my car, creepy dude was indeed surrounded by the two officers who were talking to him rather sternly. I didn't stick around to hear the topic.