Thursday, January 20, 2005

Search and ye shall find.

Search terms that led people to my site this past week:

4 people found my site yesterday by searching for some variation of flamingo flocking.
cake receipts
bow chica wow-wow
food poisoning hot dog
fresh rocky mountain oysters
ransom notes
naked Andy Roddick Pictures [don't worry Mom and Dad, there aren't any here]
preacher license joke
Glutton Bowl [heh, we weren't the only poor souls to catch it]
engraved souvinir glasses [surprisingly, I was the only hit]
gay blind date sex [not here either M and D]
receipt eating in biosphere [what's with these receipts?]
picture of dog eating [eating what?]
pictures of people waiting to be check at a clinic
birthday presents for 40 year olds
"DON'T ATTEND LAW SCHOOL" [it was actually in all caps and quotes]
NFL Tom Brady Porn Pic [umm, no.]

I have a feeling that after this post, I'm going to have to explain to the parents how people can get here via those search terms without those items actually being on here.