Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Random odd dream of the week.

Had another of those anxiety-induced dreams the other day, which usually coincide with finals, but for some reason decided to rear its ugly head prior to the semester. In this version, I was at school, but had forgotten to print off my schedule of classes. [Actually, this part of the dream rings true as I had to flag down someone in the hall to find out where a class was today.] The computer lab had a computer for every student, and you could only log on to your specific computer. And I couldn’t remember my computer number. I kept thinking it was 1171, but it never worked.

So for 3 days I try to figure out which of the computers is mine, all the while missing all of my classes. I don't know why, at this point, I never went home to check on my computer, but that logic has no place in my dreams. I finally figure out that my computer was 1171 ½, but since there was no computer by that number, I had to use the 1172. And it finally worked.

I make it to my first class, only to catch the last 5 minutes. I’m not sure the topic, but it was being taught by Celine Dion, and she had decided to lead the class in a rendition of ‘We are the World'. Perhaps it was one of those touchy feely classes I usually associate with caring, kind, and compassionate lawyers like Deb. Which makes it all the more odd that I'd be enrolled. After class, I approach Prof. Dion to explain why I had missed the first few classes, and begged her for mercy to let me make up the work. She, of course, denies my pleas, and argues that I will have to take zeros for the assignments. I get a little blurry as to what happened next, but I just remember the dream ending with me yelling in her face at full volume, “You’re just a wannabe law teacher anyway.” That's me. Heidi, Queen of the lame comebacks.

Other recent dreams of note are the one I had last week where Jonny Depp, in full Pirates of the Carribean garb, abducted me and took me to remote location and tied me to a tree for days. And there was one where I thought the reason I knew Lawren was because she had been on the Real World a few years ago. I think my psyche is telling me I need to watch less Oprah and not cave to the Real World marathons when I can't sleep at night. Oh, and never get into a car with a man dressed as a pirate.