Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Movin' on Up

The Democrat State Representatives walked out of session yesterday effectively stalling or killing some bills. The bill that sparked this walk-out was the creation of an Inspector General position for the state. A position which was created and filled by the Jesus Town Prosecutor. Apparently, in his tour of the state, My Man Mitch* loved the Jesus Town so much, he decided that our peeps would be perfect for state service. Since taking office, he has taken our prosecutor, our judge, and our sheriff and given them high ranking agency jobs. Which is great for them, but bad for the Jesus Town. It's starting to look like the Jesus Town is in a handbasket... and we all know where we're headed.

*For those outside of Indiana, "My Man Mitch" was the incredibly stupid campaign slogan for the newly elected governor of Indiana. He hopped in an RV and spent a year driving around the state to get to know people. Yes, we are as hickish as that sounds.