Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Family Affair

As The Mom alluded to, it's been quite an eventful weekend for the fam, medically speaking. At the exact moment The Mom was being transferred from the Jesus Town hospital, to the hospital in the Big Town, I was steps away checking my niece into the Jesus Town ER. The Mom spent the night at the Big Town hospital, and the sis and I stayed with the niece at the Jesus Town hospital until 2 in the morning, and the sis and bro in law had to take her back the next day. Don't worry, it wasn't that her condition had worsened, but that the staff at the Jesus Town hospital failed to give a diagnosis after 8 hours of testing, so the niece's doc sent them back up with instructions to get a diagnosis and file a complaint for the horrendous service she received.

But everyone is fine. The niece has a repeat bronchial infection, which was passed onto me last time. I'm hoping I escape it this time. The Mom was kept for observation but is A.O.K. as well. And I probably violated 15 provisions of the HIPPA law just telling you that.

My grandfather is also ill, and the family has been taking shifts sitting with him and taking care of him. Tonight, my mom and I were over there baking in his living room. And the only thing we were cooking was ourselves. It was 84 degrees in his house, and he was cold and covered up with a down comforter. My eyeballs were sweating just looking at him.

Unfortunately, medical emergencies in the Jesus Town aren't nearly as exciting as medical television shows make them out to be.