Saturday, April 09, 2005


It has been an exciting weekend for this blogging family. Not to bore you with details, I will cut to the purpose of this blog. My mother always told us to be sure we had on clean underwear with no holes in them in case we were in an accident and ended up in the emergency room. Well, girls, I have a new one. At the urging of my "knows what I should do" daughter, I ended up in the ER in Jesus Town. I was experiencing chest pains and tightness of the chest. Anyway, do you realize that at some point over the next 24 hours of hopital/resort (ha) vacation, someone will need to look at your legs? Without your blue jeans on? And did you also realize that it will be not one person, not two, but everyone who is responsible for your care? In all actuality, they must have had it written on the wipe-off board to be sure to check out that chick's legs before signing out. So, since I qualify as The Mom, take my advice: Always wear clean underwear, no holes, and for heaven's sake, shave those legs more often. Just in case you are wondering the outcome of the ER/hospital stay, doc said I did not have a MI and could go home. I showered and promptly followed my advice.