Wednesday, April 20, 2005

To skirt, or not to skirt.

I've applied for jobs in a smaller, conservative town in Indiana. While I haven't gotten any interviews as of yet, I'm pre-emptively considering my wardrobe options. OPD always says that as a woman, it's expected that you wear a skirted suit to any interview. Because pants suits are just not very lady like. I dig it, especially since I have short hair and we all know stereotypes abound. So I am open to suggestion.

However, I have an added complication. While wearing a skirt is more ladylike and conservative, when I wear a skirt, my ankle tattoo is visible. While the tattoo is religious in nature, we all know tattoos are not considered conservative.

My dilemma is thus do I sacrifice the sheep to save the wool?*

*I have no idea what this means but I had to come up with something to finish the post.