Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Painful Truth

All of this week, I've been attending the PMBR study course preparing for the multi-state potion of the bar. In the morning, we take a 50 question multiple choice test, and then you grade it and are disappointed about how you really don't know anything. I've been averaging between 40 and 45% on the exams so far, which I'm told is normal. I also haven't really been trying too hard because they spend 3 hours telling us what we need to know, so I'm not putting forth my best effort.

The sis and I were returning from a trip to Walmart, and I mentioned how I had to drive to Indy tomorrow for my last class, which happens to be property. And she asks me why I hate property so much or why I find it so hard. And I explained that I haven't had any property classes since 1st year, and that the topic never really whipped me into a frenzy.

The sis doesn't quite understand since her life is property. She's never been to law school, but has spent the last 5 years working as a title researcher and abstractor. I mentioned to her that I had all of these multiple choice questions that she could try her hand at if she felt up to it. So, never having attended a law class, she sat down and answered the first 10 questions in the property section. And when graded, she got 8 correct, i.e. an 80%.

What I learned from this: 3 years law school = 40%. 5 years real life non-law experience = 80%. Go figure.