Thursday, May 19, 2005

Let the Wookie Win

6 years ago, when Episode I came out, my sister and I took the bro to the first showing as part of his high school graduation present. We even stood outside the theatre for an hour beforehand so that we could get good seats, even though we already had our tickets.

3 years ago, we went on opening day, but at a more decent hour. Then about a month ago, the sis and the bro start talking about how we have to carry on "this tradition" and go on opening day again. I guess I didn't realize it was tradition, but whatever.

So we went tonight, and I'm happy to report that Episode III is much better than the last two. Hopefully Hayden won't be railed for his acting again. It's a shame more people haven't seen "Life as a House" where he really shines. But this time, people may actually think he's more of an actor.

It goes without saying that the bro has a lot more Star Wars knowledge than the sis or I. Which I think is pretty typical of males. A few years ago during a snow storm he took me on marathon of the first 3 movies and explained all my question along the way. So I've got a pretty good handle on things. My sister, not so much. We're walking out of the theater and all around us I can hear people talking about Darth Siddius and Mace Windu, etc etc, and the sis is trying to explain something about the movie that she thought was dumb. I overhear her and she's saying, "you know, that head dark guy, the leader of the bad guys."

Apparently she's not one for the Star Wars terminology.