Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Smash, wham, bangup job.

I generally like to start the mornings of my exams relatively stress free. So far, I haven't had much luck with this. First it was the migraine on Saturday morning, and today it was a car accident. Though I hate to use the word "accident".

I was getting off of the interstate, and stopped at a red light. It was one of those where after you stop and check, you can turn left since it's a one way to a one way. So I stopped to check, and the taxi driver behind me didn't. Not much of a hit, but just a little jolt.

But I get out of the car, look, and of course there's not any damage to my plastic bumper, and none to his. We exchange info, and in the process, one of his taxi friends shows up. And I'm guessing that guy spotted the "school of law" license plate holder on my car. He insists that we call the cops.

And of course he has no phone, and wants me to call. I have no numbers for the cops, and it's 45 minutes until my exam starts. So we have to call 911. And my 911 call was really nice. "Hi, uh, we've had an accident, well not really an accident, but there were no injuries, and there's no damage, but the other guy is insisting on calling, etc etc." She transfers me to the state cops.

Go through the same routine with the staties, and then we wait. And wait. And statie shows up with 20 minutes till my exam. And he tells the guy what I told him before. We can exchange info, or sit and file a report, even though there's no damage. I opt for exchange of info, and the guy reluctantly agrees. Since I'm the one rear-ended, unless I file something, nothing is going to happen, but I can understand the paranoia. So the cop leaves, and as I get back in my car, the taxi driver is taking pictures of my car and his car, which , admittedly, is a good idea. But no matter how many times I assure him everything is fine and there is no damage, he's still looking at me like I'm ready to whip out the lawsuit right there. The reputation of lawyers.

Ironically, the taxi driver was of foreign descent, and I'm assuming he was an immigrant. And I was on the way to my immigration exam. Coincidence?