Friday, April 22, 2005

You Done Good

I'd like to say Congratulations to all those lucky souls who learned that they passed the bar today. But I'd like to give a special shoutout to my 2 favorite new lawyers; Kee Kee and Chuck, Attorneys at Law. We knew you could do it.

Also, off topic, be advised that there will likely be no posting this weekend. This isn't because I'm being a good studious person and avoiding the internet in favor of finals, but because our phone line has been inundated with water and is therefore extremely staticky. (Incidentally I have a good story about the attorney calling me to set up my character and fitness interview and having to deal with it, but that's for another post.) But since we have dialup, it means no internet.

I'm actually at the sis' house right now and the only reason I'm here is that I had to do the last minute signing up of PMBR. And Amanda will be glad to know I caved and am doing both sessions. Kee Kee advised it when she called to tell me her good news today, and if I've learned anything in law school it's to never go against Kee Kee's advice. But that's $990 I hope is well spent.