Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Last minute graduation prep.

I picked up my cap and gown today. I'm happy to report that I can fit myself, along with the 10 family members accompanying me to graduation inside my gown.

Tonight, I need to call the voicemail of our assistant dean to leave a message pronouncing my name. She sent out an email saying that if we have difficult names to leave them "5 or 6 times" on her voicemail. I've already come up with all sorts of words that rhyme with my name to leave. By the end of the night, she'll be able to say my name in her sleep.

I didn't order graduation announcements, so in usual tradition, I have to make my own and mail them out. I don't really care except that we're having an open house in a few days, and we can't really rely on the Jesus Paper to acurrately get the word out. So it's the old fashioned way for me.

That's all for now.