Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Party Like You Deserve It

Friday morning is my last final. Ever. And it is for several other people. So in the grand old tradition, we're going out afterward to celebrate. So far Kelly P, Deb, and I are in and up for anything, but we're going public in an attempt to get others to join us. (Public in the manner that only about 10 people read this blog). Tentative plans are that we're going to meet in the atrium after our finals at 12:30 on Friday. All our welcome, but non-graduating students (if any actually read this blog) may expect to be hounded to buy drinks for the graduates. I cannot be held responsible for other's actions.

If you are planning on joining us and want us to keep an eye out for you in the atrium, shoot me an email. My school address is my first initial and my last name. If you don't know how to spell my last name, look it up in the stalker book. If you don't have a stalker book, you can access it here if you login with your student ID. If you don't have a student ID, stop stalking me. If you don't have any clue what my last name is, email Deb or Kelly P as they are infinitely more recognizable than me and you're more likely to know who they are.

Anyway, cheers to all and hope to see at least some people on Friday.