Sunday, August 14, 2005


Chuck, KeeKee and I went to the US Gymnastics Nationals last night. Aside from the introduction of the 2004 Olympic Teams and the 5 hall of fame inductees, I knew relatively no one. Apparently the tradition is that the Olympic team does not compete the year after they had the glory of the Olympics. But it was fun nonetheless.

At the end of it, prior to the medal ceremony, they haul out the Visa vice president to give some schpeal. And he drones on about how Visa is the best credit card in the world and that their new slogan is "throw away your American Express and use your Visa." To which Chuck suggested that a more appropriate slogan would be "Because you don't already have enough debt." I hopefully asked if this was the moment they would tell us to look under our seats to find our new Visa card, and KeeKee was quick to point out that this was not the Oprah show. Darn.