Thursday, November 17, 2005

Paraphrased Quotes of the Week

I'm sure no one will find these quotes as funny as I did and they probably lose something in the delivery.

Quote #1: Hugh Laurie on the Tonight Show talking about flying in 2-seater military planes.

"If you miss the vomit bag, they make you clean it up yourself. And it's not like puking on your kitchen floor, it's like puking into the back of a television set. You're going to be there forever."

Quote #2: Bright and his mother, Rose, on Everwooddiscussing how he's going to change now that his girlfriend is leaving.

Bright: "Let's face it, I've been an asshat most of my life, when she leaves, I'll probably convert back to it."

Rose: "Revert. Convert and your making asshattery into a religion."