Thursday, November 03, 2005

Reading Comprehension

I'll admit that there are some days I hate wearing my glasses. I probably should be wearing them the entire time I'm at work, but some days they bug me and I just never put them on. I'm not blind or anything, but sometimes things do get a bit blurry.

I was using a desktop version of Lexis today to try to get the legal name for a corporation I was listing in a settlement agreement. Apparently this particular corporation is very prolific and Lexis would not run the search because it was likely to return too many records. So it gave me a little message telling me that and telling me about the charges.

What it actually said: You will not be charged for this stopped query.

What I thought it said: You will not be charged for this stupid query.

For a moment I thought Lexis had taken it upon itself to return the many insults I've directed it's way over the last 3 years.