Friday, October 07, 2005

Handy Heidi

I don't know what it is about me, but whenever I enter into a home improvement store the sales people flock to me like I look like the type of person who should get my hardware in nice pretty packages at Target. Now, no one is beating down my door asking me to be the next host of This Old House, but I can distinguish between a band saw, jigsaw and circular saw.

Nevertheless, I stopped in tonight to pick up some S hooks. I managed to dart in and out of the aisles avoiding the sales people like the plague. But just as I was reaching the hardware section, a sales associate found me in his crosshairs and I was accosted. Next came the dreaded, "can I help you find something?" question. Generally, I answer this with a, "No thanks, I'm just browsing." But that doesn't tend to work as well at Home Depot as it does at Parisian.

I was within spitting distance of the S hooks, but I told the sales associate what I was looking for, expecting a simple point. Instead, I'm taken on a 15 aisle hike through the store looking for them, only to end up back at the aisle where I was picked up. Had I been a busy gal with places to go, I would have cut it off at the start, but I so enjoyed my opportunity to smirk and snicker. Those happen so rarely anymore.