Friday, September 23, 2005

Legal Seminars

On Tuesday, I had the fortune of attending an all day seminar on the new changes in bankruptcy law. Unfortunately, my knowledge of bankruptcy law consists of knowing that there are different types. The knowledge ends there. But I attended so that I can go back to my firm and inform them of the new changes. Sounds simple in theory.

First, I was surprised at the attire in the room. Some of the attendees were wearing shorts and t-shirts as I sat there in my now standard suit. I had debated going casual, but not quite that casual.

Next, it became clear about 5 minutes in that this seminar was aimed at lawyers who represent debtors. Now, without speaking too much about my job, there are 3 things we don't do: criminal, tax, and representing debtors in bankruptcy. Our practice in bankruptcy is limited to the creditor's side. Which meant that the first 3 hours of the seminar were entirely unhelpful to me. (Going through the process and how you have to inform the debtor client, etc.) And basically the discussion incited a few lawyers who were unhappy with the new law. The lady next to me actually called her office during a break to tell them to stop taking bankruptcy cases because they were no longer going to do them.

Then, my favorite part, the breaks were sponsored by some software company. So every time we broke we got a disclaimer, "this break is brought to you by..."

But I'm not any smarter now than I was then. Go figure.