Saturday, August 20, 2005

Insert creative title here.

The Dad and I were watching an episode of 20/20 last night. And a couple of things were so funny, I had to share for those who weren't hovering around their TVs on a Friday night.

They were doing this special on technology spyware. One of the items was a software program you install on your computer and you can read everything that anyone ever sends via email. Apparently this is a tool of choice for parents and spouses who suspect the other is cheating. One such woman found out that her husband of 6 years was having an affair with a family friend. And after a few weeks, found out he was actually having multiple affairs at that time. At the time of the interview the couple was separated. After this has been revealed, the reporter asks in a voiceover: "Did technology ruin this marriage?" Um, just a guess, but I think the husband sleeping around with multiple women may have had something to do with it.

A second, but equally humorous comment occured during another story about women who marry men in prison. One of the couples met when the woman visited the prison for a college class. She visited the guy frequently and 7 years later, they were married. They had been married 10 years by this point and he has been in prison the whole time. The reporter stated that often, the women stay in the relationship holding on to the hope that their husbands will be paroled. But, she said, the stress of the relationship (including long trips to the prison for visits, high phone bills of collect calls, etc) is too much for some people. Including the couple described above. After 10 years of marriage, they are now "separated." Heh.