Friday, August 26, 2005

Pet Peeve #643

I hate when people start a question with "how come". "How come the sky is blue?" It's not so bad in conversation, but when it's written down... you have time to correct it.

And I've given up on griping about typos on blogs. Because I've learned that I rarely spell check these posts. So I'm becoming the queen of the typos. And lest I be a hypocrite, the subject is now dropped.

But I can gripe about typos on signs. In the Jesus Town, they often have passers-thru who set up a camper on the corner and sell knick knacks and such out of a tent. Usually the wares consist of "name brand shoes" or antiques and junk you win at carnivals. The other day, one of the stands was selling Fantsy fountains. I'm still deciding whether these were fancy fountains of fantasy fountains. Neither sounds that enticing.