Friday, December 16, 2005

Film Noir

I keep hearing how this new remake of "King Kong" is supposed to be the best movie EVER and is predicted to be higher grossing that "Titanic." But if we learned anything from "Titanic" it was that highest grossing does not necessarily equal great movie.

Nonetheless, every where I turn or every time I click I hear about how great "King Kong" will be. Yet, I can honestly say I have absolutely zero desire to see the film. To the point that if someone offered to take me, buy my ticket and supply all the concessions I could ever desire, I'd probably turn them down. It's just one of those "event movies" [to paraphrase Chuck's 'event musical' classification] that I could care less about.

I'm actually excited to see "The Family Stone" which hasn't received as great of reviews, but is definitely more my type of movie.

And strangely enough, I'm probably going to go see the Johnny Knoxville flick, "The Ringer." Ordinarilly, the premise of the movie would make me uneasy. [For those that haven't heard of it, Johnny Knoxville fakes being mentally challenged so as to rig the Special Olympics.] But after hearing that the Special Olympics and even one of the Down's Syndrome associations is behind it, I feel like I should give it a shot.

I'm still on the fence about "Brokeback Mountain."