Monday, November 28, 2005

Helping Hands

As some of you may know, my office at work moved over the holiday weekend. Not the office itself, but the contents. You get the picture. Without much detail, let me just say that moving a law office is not for the sane. We, of course, are not up and running yet as phones and internets tend to be a problem.

Today we did a lot of organizing and figuring out where things go. When I personally move, I tend to throw things in the nearest drawer or closet and mess with them later. Doesn't really work the same in this situation.

Our office manager's husband took his vacation day to help us move some of the bigger stuff that the movers didn't have in the right place. At one point, he hit the lobby to carry up a bunch of stuff from someone's car. Only there was more than he had thought and he couldn't leave it down there unattended while he made the trips up the elevator. Instead, he phoned up for help and needed anyone who was free to come down. So he said, "This is an All-Skate". Which, at the time was so stinking hilarious that I'm using that from now on instead of my "All hands on deck" phrase.

And if this loses something in the translation, I apologize. Maybe you had to be there.