Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Legano ni legano: tis grey area.

I came *this close* to being pulled over tonight. Driving down a 2 lane street (i.e. 1 lane in each direction) and came upon a car waiting to turn left. After sitting for a couple of minutes, I did what we all do every day, and passed him on the shoulder. There was like 8 feet of shoulder and no turn in on my side of the road. As I was passing him there was a cop sitting in the lane headed the other direction, and he used his light on the side of the car to shine it in my face as I drove by.

Then he turns on his flashers and pulls forward to the next turn around place. I see this all through my rearview. At the light, I turn left, because I was turning left anyway (I swear) and I couldn't tell if the cop actually turned around or not. I kept my eyes on the rearview for the next mile or so, but never saw him again. And, to my advantage, if he was quick enough to write down my plates, which are registered only to me, and pull my license, he'll see that I've never been pulled over. (Disregarding the driveway incident a couple of years ago which resulted in only a warning). So I'll sleep fine tonight.

All I kept thinking as I saw those flashers is how I wish I had a fancy deputy prosecutor badge to shine him when he did pull me over. I guess the law school plate holder will have to suffice.