Saturday, March 04, 2006

Idol Chatter

Chuck asked for it, so here it goes. My opining of the XY group:

Ace: 1 word. Overrated. He absolutely butchered that song this week. I think he's this year's pretty boy that will go further than he should because people think he's cute. Nothing he has done so far has made me do anything other than yawn.

Kevin: Ok, seriously. Simon is right here. They need to stop stringing this poor dude along. They even have him thinking he is the next sex symbol. Please. Not that the guy doesn't have a girl fanbase, but he's no more the next sex symbol than Meatloaf would be.

Elliot: By far the best in the competition. That song had so much difficulty and yet he nailed it like he'd been doing it for years. I know people think his looks aren't "Hollywood" enough, but I think that's tough. He's actually the first singer in the history of Idol that may cause me to pick up the phone and vote so he doesn't get lost in the mix.

Chris: I like Chris. I think he's good at what he does. I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if he were the ultimate winner. But I still think he's cut out for a band. I think American Idol is geared at finding a stand alone, solo artist. And I don't think his type of music is cut out for that. He's not going to be able to pull off a career as an artist unless he has the band backing him up. I agree with someone on TWOP who says he should run from AI and find Fuel because they are presently without a lead singer. After he rocked the Fuel song this week, he'd be perfect. Probably my second fave at the moment.

Gedeon: Like his voice. Not sold on the personality.

Will: If he made better song choices he's show off his talent. I think vocally he has potential, but is easily overshadowed. He kinda reminds me of Donny Osmond and I think he needs to sing a song that will make me forget.

Bucky: Oh, Bucky. I give his voice a B. I just don't know what to think of him. The "aw shucks, I'm just a country boy" only goes so far. He just doesn't have any charisma which turns my head.

Taylor: Ok, this guy is odd. It's not that he has a different style or anything. He's just odd. I see him and think he should be going to work, not trying to live out the dream of becoming a star. I just don't see the "breath of fresh air" or anything other special about him. He honestly gives me the creeps.

David and Sway: David looked like he was in pain when he tried to sing. He physically had to shake to get his voice to vibrato. I always felt like his singing was so forced and would have loved to hear him just sing, instead of fashioning his voice the way he did. And Sway, never saw much of him, but think he was a victim of song choice. I cringed the first week and was ill impressed this week. He just didn't have any spark that was going to make him stand out. And now he's home.