Thursday, August 31, 2006

For Your Consideration

Last weekend, Kyleen and I discovered "The Office." I've always been someone to avoid the trendy shows, and when I heard NBC was adapting the cult hit from BBC, I avoided it like the plague. K had checked it out from the library and since I made her and Mary suffer through most of season 1 of Prison Break the week before, I felt I needed to return the favor. Boy, was I wrong about this show. "The Office" is literally the funniest thing on TV right now. Thousands of Emmy voters can't be wrong, right?

I've managed to watch about every second of the season 1 DVD. Not hard considering season 1 is only 6 episodes. Now I'm playing catch up with season 2. Lucky for me, the DVDs come out in a couple of weeks, before season 3 is to start.

And how do I love John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson? These two are so perfectly cast that it's difficult to believe that you're watching them act. Frankly, everyone on the show is so subtly fantastic. As someone who spends the majority of her time being sarcastic, it's great to see a show with intelligent humor not forced on me with a laugh track. The last show that did it so well was "Sports Night", may it rest in peace.

I only mention the show on here so that you can all tune in and feel the love as well. Of course, I have to assume that none of you are watching it, because if you were and you didn't smack me upside the head to show me the error of my ways*, I don't think we can remain friends. We had a good run of it though.

*Incidentally Chuck, I have seen a few episodes of Project Runway this year, and you are right. That show is fantastic as well.