Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol: The ladies.

Ok, so I’m writing this live during the show, and before the judges make their comments. We’ll see if they agree with me tonight.

Stephanie Edwards
Don’t remember her at all. Good voice, but I was bored through about the first 2/3. She looks like the really tall girl that didn’t make it through. Much better start than the guys, but she wasn’t memorable to me. Maybe it’s because she has not had screen time prior to this. Fantasia 2.0.

Amy Krebs
Who is this chick? She reminds me of someone both in name and face. Why do I feel like I know her? Ok, so she can’t make me love her. She also can’t make me not change the channel. Boring. And she was flat on her held notes.

Leslie Hunt
No prior exposure that I recall. I like the intonation of her voice, but not her performance. Something was off the whole song. Out of tune it seemed. She looks so much older than 24.

Sabrina Sloan
Again, don’t recognize her. I Didn’t care for the performance at all (apparently I’m in the minority. Enough with the runs. She’s talented, but maybe it was because I was running around the house, but I just didn’t like it. Maybe if I gave it a second chance.

Antonella Barba
Someone who was overexposed. I thought she was overrated to begin with. Not to mention, her “all boys love me” attitude. It was a weird song choice and a weird arrangement. She’s out of tune early and on the end of every line. But, Simon’s criticisms are going to goad her fans into keeping her here at least one more week.

Jordin Sparks
When she talks to Ryan beforehand, it’s obvious how young she is. I like her voice, and she’ll be safe because she’s the young girl. They have to have at least one teen in the top twelve. I didn’t like the performance. The song seemed maybe a bit too low through the whole thing. Would have liked to hear her sing something that spanned more than ½ octave.

Nicole Tranquillo
She looks very forgettable. Looks like 2 other girls who have already performed. Ok, what the heck is this song choice. Don’t like the speaking song thing. And she needs to pick a note. She’s not going to last long.

Haley Scarnato
Don’t know her at all. It was ok song wise, but not memorable. Not my favorite of the night.

Melinda Doolittle
I have high expectations for her because I loved her early rounds. Let’s see how she holds up. Ok, she’s living up to it. Great voice and performance. Does Aretha justice. This girl’s already a star without this show. She’s definitely one of my early faves.

Alaina Alexander
Don’t’ like the breathiness in her background clip. Hopefully she does something to make me distinguish her from the other 3 blondes that have already performed. Shaky, breathy start. She’s going to suffer from coming after Melinda’s dynamic performance. In one word: meh.

Gina Glocksen
I loved her in the early rounds. Wasn’t feeling it when the song started. I liked her during the chorus, but it was a tad on the boring side. And any time I hear this song, I think of good ole Bridget Jones. I thought she did well enough for the song. Still liking her.

LaKisha Jones
I like her, but she’s very much Mandisa part deux. And she was given the pimp spot. I just wish she’d stop talking about her daughter. I know everyone has their niche. She’s definitely got a big voice. But I like Melinda better. I think that depending on which of the two got the final pimp spot, they would have gotten the "best of the night" declarations.

Ok, girls were better than the boys. Slightly. Again, there are a few certain ones for the tope 6 girls, and several that it’s going to depend on voting. The guarantees: Melinda Doolittle, Gina Glocksen, LaKisha Jones and Jordin Sparks. I think the other two will be Sabrina Sloan and Haley Scarnato. Just my gut feeling.

Out this week: Amy Krebs and Leslie Hunt