Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol: Top 11

Ok, live blogging, sort of. I'm watching it on DVR so that I can fast forward through the parts that make me want to gouge my eyes out. Which may be many. I always skip the backstage stuff because I don't care what the guest performers think. But I'm typing up as I watch. Here goes.

Haley "Tell Him"
I really liked her tonight. She seems to be having fun this week. And she doesn't sound half bad. She actually performs, which will more than make up for any bum notes. Not my favorite, but she's growing on me.

Chris R. "Don't let the Sun Catch you Crying"
Something about him bugs the bejeezus out of me. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm not a fan. I think it may be the fact that I think he thinks he's better than he is. I read an interview with him last week where he talked about how much Justin Timberlake looked like him. Yeah, not the other way around. Uh, no. Also, when Sundance was ousted, there was a big deal made about how some guy in the house was cocky and thinks he has the thing wrapped up. Many people speculated Chris S or Blake, but my money is on Chris R. I'm just not feeling him. The performance wasn't too bad, and though it may have been his best performance, it's all relative. The dude is going to skate by still on his looks, so he could stand out on stage and crap in a punch bowl and it wouldn't matter. I mean, he's attempting the eye seduction thing with the camera. Ew.

Stephanie "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"
Her days are numbered. She doesn't have the performance to stand out. She started this whole thing out as one of the divas, but she's not progressing as much as Melinda or Lakisha. At the end of the night, I don't ever remember her performance. Which isn't a good thing. I was not impressed tonight.

Blake "Time of the Season"
Even though, in theory, Blake should get on my nerves as much as Chris R, he does not. I enjoy him so. Something about his voice reminds me of some band, but I can't think of it. Maybe Maroon 5? I like the way he mixes his songs and does enough beat boxing to not get on my nerves, but to make the song unique. While he doesn't have the oodles of talent the gals do, he'll undoubtedly have a post-idol career. I really liked the song tonight. I might actually rewatch it.

Seriously, is "you've got the yo factor" this year's "dawg". Stop it Randy.

Lakisha "Diamonds are Forever"
Ok, I did watch this background clip, and Lakisha's face was priceless when the lady was singing and trying to convince her to do the other song. I like the dress, hate the hair. Not to the chorus yet and I'm bored. Wow, and a really bum note there. There's nothing about this performance that's going to make me remember it. It's giving me a very James Bond feeling. And I don't mean that in a good way. Holy crap, this is a James Bond song. I swear, I typed this up before I heard that. The judges are agreeing with me too.

Phil "Tobacco Road"
He bugs me too. It's like he's trying to be Chris Daughtry with the mike stand and performance. Dude. You're not. He's also someone who should not be bald until he has to be. This year's contestants seem like the less talented versions of the past. Phil=Chris Daughtry, Stephanie=Fantasia. While Lakisha still reminds me of Mandisa in song choice and performance style, Lakisha is more talented. Back to Phil, I was busy typing and didn't really pay much attention to him. I didn't recognize the song, and I didn't like it. I wasn't listening much for tone quality, but i just didn't like it. Simon's with me here, saying Phil needs grit, which translated by me means he's the poor man's Chris.

Jordin "I, Who have nothing"
I like Jordin. While she's easily in the top 3 most talented on this show, I think her age will be her downfall here. I like it, but I don't. It's totally not my style. Great voice and intonation. Maybe if I heard this song more than just this once I'd have a different opinion. This is a big song which sounds great, but which doesn't have the immediate recognizability like a Whitney or a Mariah song where you immediately associate it with the past performer. Nothing really to hate on.

Sanjaya "You Got Me Going"
Ok, in the early rounds, I liked him. Then he opened his mouth. Actually, he doesn't really have a bad voice, but up till now, he's bored the heck out of me. He has no performance to back up the voice. And he's all shy. If he had more attitude, I'd like him better. Right now, he's still coming in every week as the joke. At least he recognizes he's not the best singer. Ok, don't like the outfit. Whoa, what is up with the girl they keep showing that is crying. This is different, he's got a bit more attitude and performance. I don't really like the voice. It's ok. I think he had to be different, and he was. And he'll still be around for another week. What did Simon mean?

Gina "Paint it Black"
Gina was pimped early and I liked her back then. But she's blending into the background after that. She looks like she's going to try to rock something. I don't mind it. It's definitely her style. I don't think the voice is really there tonight. Sounds pitchy in some points. It's like the soccer mom version of rock tonight. Wow, Simon's with me on another one.

Chris S. "She's Not There"
I liked him before. I'm kinda getting over him. He needs to bring a song that I like better than I've liked him in a while. Ooh, he's singing a song I know and one I like. Remember when I was talking above about the guy who thinks he's got this wrapped up, I could also see this person being Chris S. (Ok, completely random sidenote. I rewatched some SYTYCD clips recently, and on one they showed a guy in the audience saying "wow" to a girl standing next to him. I think it was after the Alison/Ivan contemp piece. The dude is in the audience tonight and Chris just walked by him. In a long sleeved blue striped shirt. I'm a bit embarrased that I've seen the SYTYCD clip enough to know that.) Chris kinda bored me tonight. I don't think he made it his own. It seemed slow and soft. Eh. Simon doesn't agree with me here. Stop it with the "fro patrol" dude.

There's an interesting article here about how his hometown is disappointed that he's performing mainstream music and not sticking with strictly Christian music. Which is bogus. If they mean on this show, they should know he'd be gone immediately for singing songs that no one knows. If they mean for pursuing AI at all instead of going the way of Michael W. Smith, they should realize that if he did that, no one would know who he was anyway and they wouldn't be interviewed for MSNBC. It's not like he's coming out and singing Tupac or something. I guess I just personally have an issue with these thoughts. It's like when I was considering what colleges to go to, the fact that I was going to go to a secular college was considered bad by many in my church because it wasn't Christian college. It's like they think the only way you can be Christian is to seclude yourselves with other Christians so you're not living "of the world". What. Ever. Suck it up town.

Melinda "As Long as He Needs Me"
It's no secret she's my favorite. Since she's going last, I expect that she's going to be brilliant tonight. If this is out of her comfort zone, dang. Ok, hate when they sit on the stage. And I'm not liking her hair. I do like the casual outfit for once. Wonder if they made her ditch the Gails and are making her use the AI stylists. But like the voice. I like her better when she's more upbeat. It's like Jordin, Lakisha and Melinda all chose these "torch" songs tonight that don't really have much of a beat. She's still fantastic. If she doesn't win this or at least come in runner up, there's something wrong with America. She really doesn't ever hit a wrong note or tone.

Have they always thanked the band or is that new this season? Seriously, what is up with this crying girl? Is this make a wish?

I'm interested to know my parents thoughts on this one since these songs are their generation. So, for once, they should know most of the tunes. I know my dad hasn't liked Blake, so maybe this week will swing him.

Predictions: I think the bottom 3 this week will be Phil, Stephanie and Gina. I think Sanjaya will be saved this week. The one going home? Phil?