Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh, holy heck no.

(I must admit that my initial reaction was more along the lines of "oh the hell no", but my mother was not pleased with the reaction and I thought it best not to have it in big green letters here.)

Watching the morning news and they were discussing the opening of a new feature at the Grand Canyon. They have built a u-shaped cat walk that extends out hundreds of yards over the Canyon. While you're on it, the Canyon will be over 4000 feet below you. That's about 4/5 of a mile. If that weren't bad enough, when I saw the architect's redering and commentary located here, I saw that the floor of the cat walk is made of glass.

My favorite comments on that page were these:
"The skywalk will be built with more than a million pounds of steel beams. It is designed to support the equivalent of 72 Boeing jets and withstand an 8.0 magnitude earthquake 50 miles away, said Allison Raskansky, Grand Canyon West spokeswoman."

Really? I'm supposed to be comforted that it will withstand an earthquake that happens 50 miles away? How about the one that happens right there?

Here's another artist rendering here.

The only way you'd get me out on that thing were if I were dead and being dragged. K is visiting there this fall. Maybe she'll be a guinea pig and try it out for the rest of us.