Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idol: The Tears of Boredom Edition

Ok, so just last week I talked about how I was going to start recapping Idol. Yeah. Not so much this week. Maybe I'll do that when we finally get rid of the riff raf (sp?) and get down to 12. For now, I'm so bored out of my mind that I can't even bother because that would require watching the show and paying attention to names.

First off, was Paula actually coherent and constructive tonight? I had to do a double take a couple of times because I was amazed that she was making sense and saying something more than "I love you" and "you were great." She actually disagreed a couple of times when Randy thought someone was good. I'm shocked.

I watched the show tonight by starting to listen to the songs, and then FF through to the comments for most of them. There were a couple that I listened to straight through. Namely Chris Sligh and Nick Pedro. Call me crazy, but I love Nick's voice. I just wish he had more personality. Same with Brandon Rogers.

To tell you how bored I was tonight, I actually stopped the show and deleted it before I realized that I hadn't seen everyone. After the pimped Chris Richardson, I went ahead and stopped watching, thinking I had seen the final pimp spot. (Consequently, I'm sick of the show going on about how the last performer was the best they've ever seen simply because they were the last performer. I think by that point we're all just relieved to have the show over, so stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes and make us believe that the last 2 hours were anything but mind-numbing. It wasn't until I was reading someone else's recap that it occurred to me that I completely forgot that Sundance was still around. Maybe that's because subconsciously I wished he would be gone. Though, if you pay attention to DialIdol, he's pulling the same numbers Taylor did all last year. Granted, DialIdol is not scientific and can be way off especially since they use a formula for votes and busy signals and don't actually count number of votes. But still, it makes me think Sundance isn't going anywhere for a while.

My predictions for this week: In a perfect world, Sundance and Sanjaya would go. My fear is that it will be Nick Pedro and Brandon Rogers. However, since I think they're two of the best vocalists, (but not performers), I am going to pick two less likely candidates with hopes that by not naming them, Nick and Brandon will be safe. So my official prediction for the week is AJ Tibaldo and Jared Cotter for dedicating "Let's get it on" to his parents. (And who edged out Chris Richardson a/k/a Timberfake for this spot simply because I think America is under some delusion that Chris R. is (a) attractive and/or (b) can sing better than my sauce pan).

Seriously though, it's going to be Nick and Brandon.