Monday, February 26, 2007

Just what I need, another TV obsession.

Ok, I'll get to Heroes in a moment. But first, I was growing extremely sick and tired of those commercials for the Black Donnellys. Every time the TV was on NBC this week, I had to see another preview. A mob show. I get it. Enough.

Lucky for me, when Heroes ended tonight, I couldn't find anything better on TV, and left the channel on. Seriously. The Black Donnellys? Fan-friggin-tastic. So good. I don't know if the show can live up to the pilot, but I certainly hope so. If you didn't catch it tonight, they're re-airing the pilot on Thursday at 10. It's definitely worth it. I really thought I was going to hate it, so don't let those thoughts dissuade you.

Now, Heroes is one spectacular piece of television itself. Unlike Lost, when Heroes says they will answer some questions, they do. They've already progressed the storyline further in half a season that Lost has been able to do in 3 seasons. At the beginning of the season of Heroes, I didn't think I would like it, mainly because comic book shows are not my thing. I don't like X-Men or Superman, or Spiderman. But Heroes I like. Do yourself a favor and catch it either in reruns or wait until the DVDs. It may be one of those shows that plays well on DVD when you can watch multiple episodes.