Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Idol: It ain't getting much better.

I still love Melinda. I still like Lakisha, but not as much as the show apparently wants me to. Everyone else kinda bugs me at this point. I know I'm supposed to think Stephanie and Jordin are great, but I really just don't care. This show is making me really apathetic.

Unfortunately, there are more girls who should go home than there are exiting slots to fill. Off the top of my head, Antonella shouldn't let the door hit her on the way out. But after her scandal this week and increased interest in her, she's not going anywhere. And I must say, even though the x-rated pics have been shown to be fake, the ones of her putting on a wet t-shirt contest while slithering all over the WWII memorial are disgusting enough on their own. I'm starting to agree with the people who think this show is biased and racist since a first year contestant was kicked off for much less. But since Antonella is a pretty, all-american girl, it's not even mentioned and she's allowed to continue. The other three who should go are Leslie Hunt, Alaina Alexander and Haley Scarnato. Since I was ready for Leslie to go last week, I'll give it another shot and pick her. Haley turned on the tears after her critique, so I think she's going to squeeze in one more week.

So official predictions for the girls are Leslie Hunt and Alaina Alexander.