Sunday, March 11, 2007

You go girl.

Kate Walsh is easily my favorite thing about Grey's Anatomy. Love her. When I watch first season reruns, I keep wondering where she went to. Seriously.

I'm a bit torn on whether or not I like the idea of the Grey's spinoff. While she definitely deserves her own show, they're taking away my Meredith buffer and may actually lure me away from Grey's. I am consoled by the fact that hotties Taye Diggs and Paul Adelstein* will be joining her. If this is the last year for Gilmore Girls as rumored, perhaps they could snag Paul's real life fiance wife, Liza Weil, as a perfect addition to the show. I'm reserving judgment until I see how the spinoff is handled.

One thing I can get behind, however, is Kate's new boy toy. She has apparently snagged the younger cutie, Dave Annable, whom I began admiring on the short lived series, Reunion. Seriously, how cute are they?

And I know this is yet another TV post. I promise more personal posts are forthcoming.

*Who knew Paul and Kate went back years? I love stories like this one.