Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol: This seriously wasn't my best idea edition.

What's the point of the "Remember me" box if it's going to make me enter my email and password EVERY single time?

I have no original thoughts on Idol this week. The boys are subpar and 2 girls steal the show every week. As my dad said last night, no matter where they finish, Lakisha and Melinda will be bigger stars than the winner this year will ever hope to be. I'd love to see a top 2 of them, but face it, one will go home around 6 and the other around 3 with Blake Lewis or Chris Sligh taking home the prize. Since so few boys have any talent, girls who vote for the cute boys who can sing have fewer options and will push those two far.

I've so far predicted 3 out of 4 who would go home each of the two weeks. I only managed to do so by picking the ones who were obviously not the worst, but obviously not the best. Truly, on this show, the ones somewhere in the middle go home early. Now? It's anyone's call. For the first time all season, I agree with the TWOP recapper. It should be Haley and Antonella to hit the road. However, Antonella is the "vote for the worst" candidate, and I think there are still enough girls in the competition to keep the votes of real voters spread out and make the votes of the sabotogers (sp?) count. (And also, may I just say, she is obviously one entitled, spoiled kid with her whole "don't compare me to the other contestants." Hey, lame-o, that's what we do on this show. Sadly, no matter where she finishes, I think she'll get the Kelly Pickler treatment of making a star out of a pretty girl who can't sing. Gotta love our society.) I think the other dead duck will be Sabrina or Stephanie. Officially, I'll call Haley and Stephanie.

For the boys, obviously Sundance and Sanjaya should hit the road. But, that's not going to happen. It's tough to know if Sanjaya's boy charm and girl hair will carry him through another round. My gut says it will. Instead, we'll say goodbye to Jarred Cotter and, dare I say it, Brandon Rogers.