Sunday, March 25, 2007

Peyton Night Live

So, everyone in Indiana knows that Peyton Manning hosted SNL last night. For the most part, I think he did well with what he was given. SNL had been picking up in the past few weeks, but I thought most of the sketches last night left a lot to be desired. Peyton wasn't as stunted as other sports stars have been, and he seemed to have a nice flow. But I still wasn't impressed. My top 3 moments from last night were as follows (I'll insert the videos as I find them.)

3. The Idol spoof of Sanjaya and crying girl.

2. Seth Meyers had a line during Weekend Update that had me rolling. It went like this (paraphrased, of course): "A cat in New Jersey recently received the first ever hip replacement in a cat. The procedure only cost a couple thousand more than the standard practice: Total cat replacement."

1. The United Way spoof with Peyton.

All in all, these seemed to be mostly the only funny parts of the whole night. Did anyone else think that the opening monologue piece where they talked about the mom being a disappointment for not playing in the NFL might have been written for Peyton's older brother? Though, that would have been too low a blow since the brother probably would have been there if not for the congenital health problem. I just found it slightly odd that they didn't mention Cooper in the monologue, when he was there at the end presenting Peyton with the birthday cake.

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