Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Daily Annoyances

1. I hate those commercials for Visa where they show everyone zipping around so smoothly using their credit card only to be halted when someone wants to pay with cash. Those Visa people must not have visited the stores near me where when I want to use my credit/debit card, I have to enter either my pin or my zip code, answer whether my cashier was friendly/store was clean/visit was pleasant, enter if I have any coupons, enter if I want cash back, check yes for amount OK, and then sign. Yeah, worlds faster than handing over a $10.00 bill and getting change.

2. I was behind 2 cars today with their "In God We Trust" license plates whose drivers were doing the godly thing of littering. One was throwing trash out on the interstate, and the other was cleaning her car while in the drive-thru. She managed to throw a receipt, straw wrappers, kleenex, napkins, and the paper bag right out her window and onto the pavement under the drive up window. If I were ballsier, I would have gotten out of my car and picked up the stuff that was rolling my way and dropped it back into her car through the open windows. But then I figured I'd probably be slapped with some civil suit or charged with intimidation or battery.

3. At Wal-Mart in the 20 items or less line, the lady in front of me had 3 orders of over 20 items each. She may have had more, but I only saw her do the 3. And each one she did she used a Wal-Mart credit card, which of course meant she had to go through all the steps I just mentioned in number 1. She also was apparently working for a nursing home or something and using a corporate card. The back of it instructed the cashier to check for ID. She didn't check until the 3rd order, at which point the woman said the only thing she had on her was the card and didn't have ID to show. So the cashier just asked her if she had authorization to use the card. To no one's surprise, the lady said she did. The cashier did the responsible thing of telling her next time she needs to bring ID or a letter showing she's authorized to use the card and then let her walk away with 3 orders each totalling over $150.00. Glad she was looking out for the true card holder there.