Saturday, July 14, 2007

Music of the Moment

I love music. No, I mean, I love music. Really. Every once in a while I get on a kick on my computer where I have 3 or 4 browser windows open and I cross-reference several different artists. I start by either picking an artist or a compilation I love and checking out what Amazon would recommend to me. Or, if I'm watching a TV show, I'll google lyrics to see who's singing a song I love. And I'm overcome with giddyness when I find that a song I just heard on TV was from an artist who I'd heard the name, but didn't know what they sang. That probably makes no sense to anyone, but it is what it is. The way I found my all time favorite band, Guster, was when I was watching a movie ("Life as a House") and I heard a few songs that I loved. Turned out, they were both Guster songs and I've been hooked ever since.

Anyway, the library, I'm sure, hates when I go on these kicks. Because I spend hours making requests and queing up several albums which I want to give a listen. My wallet loves this because I'm not spending loads of money on CDs I may or may not love. The library is an awesome thing I tell you.

On to the music of the moment. (Click the name for the official website or the album cover for Amazon).

Joshua Radin: We Were Here
Joshua Radin is a great folksy artist. Several of his songs are duets with his real life girlfriend/actress/daughter of Sissy Spacek Schuyler Fisk. Some people compare him to Damien Rice, but I must say, having recently purchased Damien Rice's latest album, I find Joshua Radin much more enjoyable. His music has been featured on Scrbus, Grey's Anatomy, and the movie, The Last Kiss. (Thanks in part to the fact that he's a good friend/college buddy of Zach Braff. Either way, he's good.)

Death Cab for Cutie: Transatlanticism
I feel like I'm definitely late to the party with this band. I had heard their name a few times, but thought it was a very trendy, MTV age band. And it very well might be. I listened to the 2007 Grammy Nominees cd, and one of my favorite songs on their was the song by this band. I haven't made it through all of their albums yet, but most of them are coming from the library. So I just picked one of the ones I had listened to to feature here. They remind me a bit of Snow Patrol. So far, I like what I've heard.

The Shins: Chutes Too Narrow
Again, I know I'm late to hop on this band wagon. I have a couple of their songs on the Garden State soundtrack. They're the band whom Natalie Portman's character says "This song will change your life." I'm not sure that's exactly true. But they are good. Again, I've only given the CD a run through three or four times while I was working, so it's not ingrained on my brain just yet. But give it a couple more rotations.