Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol: Finale

I don't like Jordin. I think she's run of the mill and there's literally one of her in every high school. I think they're stroking her ego tonight. She's not that good really and that first song was pitchy and shrieky.

The radio spot this morning pretty much summed it up. "Who will win, beatboxer Blake or 17 year old Jordin?" Her whole identity is in her age. At least Blake has some originality.

I may actually have to pick up the phone tonight to vote for the first time this season.

After more thought, I think I agree with the people on TWOP. Blake will put out a much better album if he doesn't win this show. I mean, look at Chris Daughtry vs. Taylor Hicks. I'd much rather come out on the Daughtry end of that stick.