Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lazy Days

The boys made it back from the vet pretty much unscathed. Frosty wailed like he was going to his execution almost the entire time. There was an older woman in the waiting room who kept looking at me scornfully. Then she made a big production of pulling out her tissues and rubbing her nose. Please. If you have a cat allergy, the last place you need to be sitting is in the waiting room of the vet.

Max, on the other hand, is a chick magnet. All of the assistants at the vet loved him. And he pranced around the room rubbing on everything with that "I know I'm cool" look in his eyes. The vet said I'm a very good mom owner because I got him to lose 3 lbs over the last 6 months. He's down to a hefty 21. Doc says I'm doing everything right and that he's just going to be a big cat. The whole time he was trying to examine him, Max was doing a dead jump from the floor to the 4 foot counter and over to the chair. The vet was very impressed with his agility. Good boy. Too bad he still has a behavioral issue which the doc may think is because he is too big for the litter box. I've now got to to use a 20 gallon tub instead to see if that helps. Big cats need big toilets apparently.

Frosty hid in the carrier and wailed for 20 minutes. When he finally got out, he kept trying to blend into the background. Under the lights he had a nasty yellowish shade going on. Doc thinks that he may have bladder crystals, but is hoping it may be an infection which will clear up with an antibiotic. I get to crush pills into soft food for the next 2 weeks. Frosty loves soft food and tubbo Max won't touch the stuff. So he'll be nice and happy for the next few days. I'll just have to remember to shut off one of the feedings on the feeders, or Max will be happy eating a double portion every night.

When the vet techs were oogling Max and how big he was, I told them that my mom had a cat who could stretch out and just about hit the light switches in their house. I'm pretty sure that stretched out he's about 3 1/2 feet. Their jaws dropped and claimed that they've never heard of a cat that big. But, what can I say, we grow them big in the Jesus House.