Tuesday, April 17, 2007

American Idol: Lucky 7

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been travelling for work for the past 2 weeks (over 800 miles on my car) and usually that's when I think about blogging. They should have a number I could call on my cell phone while driving to blogger and voice mail blog. That'd be fabulous.

Tonight, I'll go from the best to the worst. Cause I'm too lazy to rewatch the tape and see what order they performed in.

Melinda Trouble is a Woman
This may have been my favorite performance. She's such a chameleon and knocks it out of the park every time. They should just give her the title already. This show will be a joke if she doesn't win. I agree with Simon making her lose the astonishment face.

Jordin Broken Wing
Simon said she could win this competition. Sure she could, if Melinda dropped out. But she still rocked it tonight. I just don't think she's as polished as Melinda. Of course, if you pull for the young talent, she's your woman. I did like it though.

Blake When the Stars Go Blue
He phoned this in tonight. It wasn't his style and it showed. He's still the best guy, but it wasn't his night.

Lakisha Jesus Take the Wheel
I HATE this song, and she didn't do anything for it. I agree that she's fallen by the wayside, and I predict a shocker exit for her at some point, maybe even this week. Ryan asked her if she heard what the judges said when they didn't like it. From her short, succint "I hear 'em", you could tell she was peeved. And didn't believe them. She lives in her own world and doesn't believe when people don't love her. She's shown that week to week by failing to take advice. I am kinda past annoyed with her and could do without her at this point.

Phil Where the Blacktop Ends
I normally don't like Phil (heh, I originally typed fill). Tonight was a normal night. He's just out of his league. He had a good performance tonight, which should make him prime for leaving this week.

Chris Mayberry
Simon and I must be listening to the same show. And he must be reading the TWOP forums. Tinny is their favorite word for Chris. If he is intentionally choosing nasally, he's the only one. Most nasally people try to get away from that. He's just not good. He'll be safe this week since he hit the bottom 3 last week and his deaf dedicated fans will be in overdrive tonight.

Sanjaya Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
Please. He is so obviously the joke of this whole thing. For those occassional viewers who think it's funny he's still around (yes, I'm looking at you Aggie) it was a shining performance.

This week on the seal, should be Phil, Chris, and Sanjaya. My money says Blake or Lakisha hit it, maybe both. Bottom 3: Lakisha, Phil, and Sanjaya (with a slight chance of Blake). Packing her bags, in a shocking turn of events, will be Lakisha.